Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Well, I'm not sure about the "powered by squawk box tv" thing -- it doesn't seem to be working. Oh well -- blogging more later, I suppose. Oh -- and memo to all -- the WIkipedia is no longer one of my recommended sites. It's a great concept -- an open content encyclopedia. However, there is a great tendency for people with expertise in a subject to be "shouted down" by people who know "the Truth". More importantly, there are articles on the site that might be age-inappropriate for kids -- or that one might feel uncomfortable if one's parents were to stumble across. A debate is currently raging over whether to put a neutral advisory on the site's main page, and the "all information is equal and advisories are a form of censorship" brigade looks to be winning. Mrs. Thatcher once said there was no such thing as society. The Wikipedia seems bound and determined to prove her right and 4500 years of human history wrong. Bastards.