Monday, December 01, 2003

Well -- it's amazing how time flies when all your preps are new! End of quarter resolution -- I will blog more. Reality -- I work for the state, so can only legally blog from home. Blogging -- what one does to avoid the steaming pile of grading that needs doing. Rambling -- what I am doing now.

But seriously, there are some great blogs out there. Current faves are Invisible Adjunct and The Cranky Professor. There's a great conversation on the baby gap at the former, and the latter is a friend. I'm also becoming very fond of this wonderful academic Buffy site because I discovered the wonders of the Buffyverse last summer and am still catching up. The scholarship part makes me feel less guilty, as does the fact that I can talk about Buffy with colleagues who don't think I'm barking!

Next up -- life on the job market -- scary as hell!

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