Friday, July 23, 2004

Summer in the Burbs

Summer in the Burbs

Okay -- it's the end of July and I still haven't finished the things I was supposed to have finished. Some I haven't started. My neighbor's death is another distractions, but one I can at least feel good (in the sense that I am doing good works) about. Today, I picked up kids, took them for ice cream, hung out with family, coordinated with some of the really nice police officers who were there to help, and generally made myself available. More of the same tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have to help a student finish her incomplete, train on a new online teaching software system (although Angel looks even easier than Blackboard), finish a review -- ok, start and finish a review, finish my online course in Blackboard, and do a HUGE amount of yard work.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it. It also helps to explain why some of us blog anonymously. I thought about this a bit more, and realized that I also am unsure of how some of my colleagues would react if they knew I liked video games. I've played a bit this summer, although not as much as I might if I didn't have other things to be doing and if it weren't so damned hot (95 degrees Fahrenheit at 2:30 this afternoon, thanks very much. Or as they say on The Fast Show (known as Brilliant! here in the US of A), "Scorchio."

I got stuck on Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb so I somehow ended up with a couple of new adventure games instead. Much easier to play (no hand-eye coordination) much easier to put down.

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