Sunday, December 12, 2004

Grading Avenger

Grading Avenger

This is me in grading mode. This is also me in "must. not. blog. must. grade. eeeeviiiiiilllll. papers." mode. Back after I'm caught up to talk about AHA, etc. Posted by Hello

Had to edit: OK -- the sword in my hand? I would like to use it on students who don't read the assignments and possibly on one or more of my bloody cats, the bastards. Someone peed on my desk. I think she (I'm pretty sure it was one of the girls) missed all the important papers, but got the pedestal and bits of the new LCD monitor I got for my birthday. Perhaps not coincidentally, the inside of my screen appears to be sprouting red and yellow inky streaks (about a pixel in width, but some that are a bunch of pixel-widths all packed together) from the top and the bottom of the screen. They seem to be spreading, but also fading after time. Does anyone know anything about what might be happening? could it maybe have to do with cleaning the screen in a strokes-not-just-in-one-direction manner? Does anyone want my cats?
And yes, I will now be covering the desk and all computer peripherals when they are not in use. Bastards.


meg said...

Dang, that sucks! I hope your LCD gets better soon.

Keep us updated on the AHA, eh?

Rebecca said...

Hey ADM, I had a cat vomit on my bare toes once. Not pleasant. Keep us posted on the AHA. Let me know if you want help coordinating. Can I bring my non-blogging historian boyfriend?

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Eeew! And yes, in that order, as long as BF respects the pseudonymity of those who wish to keep it!

Anonymous said...

I love your superhero!

(And I am still very very envious of those of you going to the blogger meet-up!)


meg said...

Yeah, I'm envious too. I'm sure there will be bloggers at the MLA, but not any of the ones I read, to my knowledge.

Cheeky Prof said...

hee hee Love this. Oh, and are supposed to be in academic grading mode? I've been too busy blogging and such to notice. ;-P