Friday, November 04, 2005

a la Tiruncula

a la Tiruncula

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, but I'm slightly swamped ...

I need to:

Cross some more stuff off the list!!

  • Be stunning for an observation by my department chair today Not so much, due to the fact that I cleverly pulled my file on the Wars of Religion, leading into Henry IV and the stirrings of Absolutism, and lost the bloody thing so that I had to re-write a lecture in 20 minutes. Riffed the end, tying back what I had been talking about to the last three weeks where we talked about mercantilism, the Reformation, European Dynastic rivalries, etc. Oh, and got teased by my class on a couple of points. And made jokes back. But they answered all my questions with mostly no hints, and liked that I made the "these are the guys in The Three Musketeers" connection ...
  • finish grading some papers
  • Get caught up on reading and class prep OK, for this week at least -- It's ADM's specialty in Class One, Absolutism and woohoo -- a film -- in class two, and a film for Class three, which gives me till Wednesday to organize my thoughts!
  • keep up with a very busy discussion on the listserv, especially as it's been noted at a big history blogIt's petered out till the next one -- thank goodness not like the stuff on Mediev-L lately!
  • Read the book I'm supposed to be reviewing -- short, but in German
  • think about writing said review, which may require more reading
  • Either scan or take notes on the pertinent parts of the Codex Laureshamensis while I have it, because interlibrary loan can't renew it again
  • Find out if Regine Hennebicque is also Regine Le Jan (if anyone knows, please tell me, because otherwise I have to write a complete stranger and ask. And I have to do it in English, because my French is awful these days) Realised I don't have to know this -- I just need to cite it correctly and find out when I can. The only reason it's a problem is that the article is cited under Le Jan, but I've been obsessing about it more because it's an irritating detail in a book I find mostly good, but packed with careless errors
  • Read unpleasantly long article by Regine Hennebicque
  • review what I've got on the Kazoo paper and start piecing it together
  • apply for about 15 jobs by 1 December OK -- sent 9 this week, and have already heard back from one asking for more materials. Breath now 'bated
  • Teach 15 hours a week
  • try to start running again
  • Sleep? Well, I got a few extra hours over the weekend ... that should last a couple of days!
  • Figure out my life, which has become a bit complex lately.
  • Other stuff like that


Tiruncula said...

Oh dear. I really have become known as the boring listmaker. Must. Post. Something. Substantive.

Ancarett said...

That is a sobering number of responsibilities to resolve! Good luck and sorry I can't help with the Regine question.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Just tell me that, if I keep getting things done, someone will give me a bloody TT job!!

Tiruncula said...

I'm 90% sure that Le Jan = Hennebique. I can ask around, if you like, so you don't have to ask a complete stranger.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

That would be cool. A Senior Colleague at Amherst nicely e-mailed me with her address and said she was a warm and lovely woman, but I feel wrong about emailing a a French person in English when I'm supposed to be a medievalist and all. I could do it in German, no problem ...

Celandine Brandybuck said...

{hug} and good luck getting everything done!

timna said...

"Just tell me that, if I keep getting things done, someone will give me a bloody TT job!!"

I too wish there was a promise like that. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be "getting things done" since I seem to have given up on the expectation. On the other hand, day-to-day is good.
Good luck!

academic coach said...

hey, saw a visit to P/H's bar...
here's hoping that one thing leads to another...
my fingers are crossed.
drop me a line if this is too cryptic. (I tried to bury myself in an archive - appropriate for a note to a damned medievalist, don't you think?)

asnbic said...

Yes my mother Regine Le jan is also Regine Hennebicque, but she alxays writes under Le jan since a few years.
hope i help you
Anne Sophie