Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oh my

Oh my

How can you not have a crush on this man? I'm just saying. Him, Jon Stewart, and Gary Cooper (yeah, I know he's old and dead, but have you seen Ball of Fire?).

We now return to being a boring academic.

Update: Well, this is annoying. Apparently Clooney said all of the things that were blogged under his name, but it kinda looks like Arianna Huffington kinda pieced them together herself. So he said those things, but didn't blog them nor did he say them as a coherent whole.


Dr. Virago said...

All I can say is: Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (That's the noise Homer Simpson makes when he's drooling over something really, really, irresitably tasty.) Heck, even straight men have crushes on Clooney. I think he is, in fact, universally desirable (well, maybe not for wingnuts).

Tiruncula said...

Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

Jane Dark said...

I have no resistance against George Clooney. None.

meg said...

I'm distracted by the thought of Gary Gooper. Is he the lovechild of Gary Cooper and Gary Glitter?

(Yeah, I know, just a typo, but let me have my moment.)

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I fixed it. Because the combination you suggest is unholy!