Sunday, June 25, 2006

Settling in, part two

Settling in, part two

Well, I've been here since Monday. My stuff is not here yet. The cats and I are not adjusting well to the lack of furniture. OOOH!! I just heard from the truck driver -- this was going to be a post about how much they sucked, but apparently the incompetent woman was replaced, and the new guy will have my stuff here today. He'll be late, and I will end up paying the Labor Ready people a bit more, but I will have my stuff. And I will be able to watch an hour of the England game!

Oh -- And I think I've bought (providing the financing works) a used Civic. Lots of miles, but not for its age.

More later -- England are playing, and the local chain restaurant opened early for the neighbors!


Rebecca said...

Yay for Civics! I just bought a Honda Civic Hybrid and already I'm getting 46.6 mpg...

BrightStar said...

Getting your stuff TODAY!!! YAY!!!

Congrats on the new-to-you car, too. You sound like you're settling in nicely and that you're handling the move well. Good for you!

Tiruncula said...

Excellent choice on the Civic. I loooooved my old one.