Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sometimes, it's the little things

Sometimes, it's the little things

More random bullets:
  • I cleared out half a file cabinet and shredded tons of stuff today. More tomorrow. Then I'll have more room in my home office! (more being a relative term ... I really need to move a ton of stuff into my campus office, rearrange furniture, and buy another bookcase or two)
  • I got my contract for next year! It's nice to have that security.
  • I went out with a colleague last night and listened to some other colleagues perform. Much fun, and it was good to be with people who had been at SLAC for a while and know the system
  • I scrubbed the bathroom floor the old-fashioned way. Swiffers are all well and good, but no mop really does your standard apartment vinyl very well.
  • I typed up a list of all the articles I have copies of, so that I can check the list before I go looking for them.
  • I found a bunch of notes for teaching, and realised I have a bunch of notes from my diss that might be relevant to the articles I'm working on, so maybe I should review my notes before re-taking them?


Kelly in Kansas said...

Sounds like your weekend was off to a great start - especially that you can socialize with colleagues who also know the system.

I, too, love Swiffers, but some things are still just better done by hand - plus it's great aerobic exercise!

And, yes, do review those notes before taking more - you'll be glad you did!

Finally, congrats on the contract! That is a good feeling. Despite the stress that comes with the new position, just think of how much less stressful this year will be than last.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Yep -- all the stress will be from new preps, writing, and finding places to present, I think. And the portfolio.

Wegie said...

This "room in the home office" concept of yours. I'm not certain I'm familiar with it, could you explain ;-)

Our study is currently full of half the front room (which yours truly is repainting), and has run out of bookshelves in any case . . . so I ordered half a dozen nice thick tomes on Late Antiquity from Amazon to make me feel better about the clutter. Oops.