Saturday, July 07, 2007

RBOC -- Saturday Edition

RBOC -- Saturday Edition

Hi all -- so I only have decent internet access in the BL, and really, since I'm supposed to be working there, it seems silly to waste my time posting -- or even reading. Evenings are spent with LDW or family, and really, I hate the idea of letting my family think I care more about blogging than I do them. So, expect a huge number of posts about my trip soon, but not yet, as I've just realised I'm leaving this place a day earlier than I thought. Until then ...
  • Oi!! Windows users in the BL! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you! You can turn off the sounds that your computer makes on starting up and shutting down. It's easy, even if you don't have an external volume control. Please feckin' do it, because y'all are pissing me right off!
  • Oi! Steve Muhlburger! Your book is really pricey. LDW and I were in Oxford yesterday and saw it in Blackwell's (Yes, folks, I went to Oxford, visited a friend who has a Visiting Fellowship this summer and saw her very posh digs, and otherwise spent the entire time in bookstores), but couldn't afford it :-(
  • I have no idea who is doing the next Carnivalesque (this month!)-- Gillpolack and Tiruncula both offered, but I spaced out and didn't organise it. Help!
  • I saw a book yesterday that I have to look at. 900 pages on proprietaty churches.
  • I have done much work, but have made no progress. I am going to be so screwed this academic year.
  • LDW bought me a copy of the newest Ward-Perkins.
  • I have a date tonight
  • I am spending Thanksgiving week in a fabulous European capital city where the weather will be shite. I have booked the ticket and will be cancelling classes giving an alternate assignment on the Monday. I am such a bad prof. OTOH, by then, with 5 classes/4 preps this fall (the Dean gave me an overload, but it's very small and really not a full new prep), I will deserve the break!
  • I en't dead yet from derailed trains, bad terrorist plots, or muggers trying to take my computer. *touches wood*
  • I have drafted about 20% of my pedagogical aricle

So, that's what's up with me. What's up with you?


Sharon said...

Carnivalesque: I have Gill down for this month. Can't remember why, mind you. I expect it's in an email somewhere.

Jonathan Jarrett said...

"I saw a book yesterday that I have to look at. 900 pages on proprietary churches."

It must be in German. As I once saw Stuart Airlie say when reporting in a paper how the latest book on what he was talking about didn't go far enough, "And isn't that what you always say when a brand-new 600-page German monograph bang on your subject area lands on your desk? `Oh, it's just not big enough!'..."

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Amazingly, it's in English!! By a woman called Susan Wood. Still, 900 pages!

Steve Muhlberger said...


I assume that you're talking about my first book (Fifth-Century Chronicles). I'd just been ranting about the huge price on Wickham's Framing on MEDIEV-L, when I found that my book had been reprinted in pb at about twice the original hb price.

I know my book is good, but what's the market for it 17 years later? Presumably almost all research libraries that want it have it, and how many individuals want or need it badly enough to buy it rather than get it from one of those aforesaid research libraries on ILL?

But don't let me stop you...

Steve Muhlberger said...

PS: I saw a complaint on another blog about a book (on Romantic? (19th c.) lit) on Amazon for $209.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Steve -- I think that's the one. It was just such a surprise. But then, book prices are really starting to get up my nose ...

Sceopellen said...

Agreeing completely with the annoying Windows sounds - that's why I have a nice shiny Mac. You can turn down the sound on those!

Kelly in Kansas said...

I'm usually on my Windows machine while doing research and wholeheartedly agree with you on the start-up/wind-down Windows sounds. Just set it to default no sound, people!

Glad the trip is going well and glad you have some interesting plans for the upcoming year!

I'm in the middle of teacher workshops right now - head back to Topeka later today. They're a great group and it was fun to watch them quickly engage in archival research and love every minute of it (or at least almost every minute of it)ss