Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lawrence Summers

Lawrence Summers

He's on Meet the Press right now. I was very much on the bandwagon to see him lose his job when he said women were just not as good at science and math. But He sounds pretty good talking on the economic plan. I don't feel like finding my login info for the WaPo today, but apparently the editorial is complaining about the plan, and uses the example of more money being put into Pell Grants (federal college need-based aid) as not efficient.

Summers rightly points out that not only are college prices driving out students, which has long-term effects, but also that, if students are currently at uni, they'll not have to scrimp as much. OK, maybe some will just work a little less, but honestly, one of the big reasons why students from poorer backgrounds don't do as well is because they are working too much to to the learning they need to do.

When even community colleges (free in my day) are often charging a couple of thousand dollars in tuition, grants could really make a difference.

Of course, this won't help a bit if higher ed institutions do what they often do when grants go up -- and raise tuition.


Kelly in Kansas said...

I thought Summer said women and men think differently . . . . ?

Another Damned Medievalist said...

can't remember the exact words, but the implication was certainly that women were not as suited to maths and sciences, IIRC