Monday, April 12, 2010

Blegging for entries

Blegging for entries

Hi all --

We are looking for entries for the carnivalesque due up in a week or so. We are especially looking for good Ancient posts (anything posted after January 1 is fair game) and would really like more on the closures of Classics departments, cool discoveries, and generally interesting stuff!

this is a great way to get the message out about new blogs and remind people about older ones.

(and obviously, good medieval posts are always welcome!)

Put your links in the comments!



Alun said...

Sorry if these are a bit terse. I'm overworked, it's past midnight and I have backache.
Ruth on the diversity of ancient Roman culture.
Carl Feagans dates some nails. I won't say if they're Roman or not, spoilers.
One chap is angry at archaeological ethics.
America is not the new Rome. For a change it's the new Athens. The twist is that this is an intelligent post rather than a dubious metaphor tortured beyond recognition.
There's a new Portable Antiquities Scheme website.
The UK is set to sell some dodgy artefacts to pay a tax bill.

And finally me:
Is a fondness for E.T. something we picked up from the ancient Greeks like drama, philosophy and wine?

theswain said...

Well, I just did a late antique post that might be of interest:

And I did one at Modern Medieval on Bryan Ward-Perkins' comparison of post-Roman Britain and the current economic situation.:

I should point out though that I should go back and do some editing before pointing these out.