Sunday, October 24, 2004

Short update

Short update -- dogpaddling through the rapids ...

  • still hugely a little behind on reading and commenting on all 4 discussions' posts. Shit.

  • Job apps starting to be due. 101 done, but 3 new, so I think that's 12 distinctly different cover letters to write.

  • Book Reviews still waiting

  • I think I set up the first subcommittee meeting today

  • One other committee -- assessment stuff that will be great, but requires output.

  • Actual work for the classes -- Finish updating assignments on surveys for the last 4 2 weeks. Finish assigning primary source presentations for the online class (add/drop FINALLY over and I know who's in the class no, NOW it's over. Forgot about the drop w/ permissions). Grade a different two weeks of survey discussions and three weeks of online discusssions. Actually re-read what I've assigned. Write first exam for early-beginning survey. Prepare for peer observation in same.

  • Phonebank for Dems on Saturday morning. (postponed due to conference)

  • Next week -- go to lecture by visiting scholar on Thursday. Paper was really interesting, but ultimately unconvincing. Too many extrapolations for one anomalous document. Mostly useful for introducing said document and for giving some insight as to how other disciplines use evidence.

  • Go to State Historians meeting in town 5 hours away on Friday night for Saturday meeting. With boss. Possibly after lunch w/ said scholar. Went up on Saturday morning. Really a great group. Met someone I knew from blogging under my real name.

  • Two job apps should be in by now. But only one is. At least one to go out tomorrow.
  • Meet with Academic Revue Committee Tuesday to set up peer review schedule at place of main employment
  • Meet with Peer Reviewer at Religious U, to debrief after last week's observation

lather, rinse, repeat


Cheeky Prof said...

Now I'm feeling completely unproductive after reading that! lol Maybe it can inspire me today. Sure, that's it. ;-)

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Thanks -- I'll feel productive when I'm caught up. It's my birthday tomorrow, and I want to have at least time to breathe!

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have/had a great one! (sorry, have mixed up my days by now...) Ignore the list for at least one day!

Cheeky Prof said...

Hey, happy belated birthday! We're only one day apart! Oh no...that means we're both scorpios. Very scary. Very scary indeed! mwah ha ha ha ha ha

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Thanks, all -- it's today, so not belated, CP. Me and my dad and John Cleese and Teddy Roosevelt and our senior economist. I'm celebrating by working on the job apps, because that's for me!