Thursday, November 04, 2004

New Party

New Party?

I think we should form a new party, because the Dems and Reps aren't really doing it for us any more. I think we should call it the American Values Party. Our party platform could have things like:

  • Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, and Assembly
  • Right to bear arms in ways that don't impinge upon the safety and freedom of others -- and regulated, as militias are regulated
  • No quartering soldiers in private homes (I'm thinking this won't be a big one)
  • No unreasonable search and seizure, unless by warrant granted for probable cause
  • Right to a Grand Jury for capital crimes, protection from double jeopardy, and self incrimination
  • Right to due process and a speedy trial
  • right to trial by jury
  • protection against excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishment
  • the right to have rights and privileges not specifically mentioned herein
  • the right of the states and people to decide on laws and rights not specifically in or against the US constitution
  • freedom of speech and religion being granted to all, all citizens, regardless of race, creed, color, or sexual orientation, have equal rights and protections.
  • all military action expected to last more than one week must be ratified by the Senate
  • No bill shall pass through Congress that has more than one topic; sub-topics must relate directly to the letter AND spirit of the main topic.

Just an idea. The party would also devote itself to fighting for a more moral society by encouraging family values, especially among those whose economic situations make it difficult, but building a better safety net and a tax and child-care credit that allows people to only work one job to support a family; to combat unwanted pregnancies by prevention (including, but not limited to, abstinence education in the schools, because it's a good option for a lot of people) -- and by offering more afterschool and pro-education options for K-12 because hell, a lot of it is dumbass kids who are bored and have low self-esteem. Better pay for entry-level jobs and greater restriction of working hours for teens, because really, they are not gaining in the long run by having disposable incomes, little sleep, and crappy grades. A return of the sex and violence watershed, and a reduction in commercials for that period. Protect our children and their values by not treating them as consumers. Greater access to parks and green areas, with hands-on nature experience for all K-12 kids. More arts education for our kids -- it makes them smarter and gives them creative outlets for their emotions. More PE -- it makes them healthy and they learn better.

Like I said -- just an idea. It's for the kids.


anbruch said...

So what, you're just another of those damned liberals too. Free Speech. Good grief. We all know that speech is free only if you pay for it. Religion. This country was founded by Jesus, haven't you heard? Press. That's a dangerous, dangerous idea. I mean they might say something that isn't what I believe. Assembly. What, so now you're for the terrorists too! Don't you understand there's a war going on!

Great post. I greatly enjoyed it!


Another Damned Medievalist said...

Thanks -- I am semi-serious, though. I hate the implication that liberals aren't moral. I would like to be on the defining side, for once.

Laura said...

I'm with you. I actually got into an argument with the judge at my election site about free speech. He didn't think it applied to the written word. It was enlightening.

chlgeorge said...

How many major parties are there in the USA? Is it just the Democrats and the Republicans?

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Laura -- how interesting. Love an educational system that manages to avoid teaching about how the first amandment was in part a result of attempts to censor the press.

Claire -- there are other parties, but none really major. And because of the way each state gets to define its balloting, as well as the way federal elections get funding, some parties are virtually invisible.

Anonymous said...

I'll sign on. Think of it not as a Party in the Major Party sense, but as a party in the sense that we used to talk of the party of the left. Fine, let's make it a party within the Dem party if we have to.

Harry (can't be bothered with all the signing in, but wanted you to know who I am).

Jonathan Dresner said...

I don't think you realize how radical that last item on your bullet list is. Or perhaps you do, and were hoping that we wouldn't notice? I'd vote for that. It would bring our government to a grinding halt ..... Lobbyists would throw themselves off of high buildings and PACs would give money back.... Incumbents would be tossed out as their real views became known.... until they worked out loopholes. Probably in spending bills.

The one above it is a nice revision of the current War Powers situation, too.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Yeah, I thought it might be a bit radical -- but I bet most ordinary folk, on the left and the right, would support it if they knew how much of the legislative process is about taking simple bills and corrupting them with deal-making riders, so that the end product is so thick and convoluted that legislators often haven't read through the whole thing ...

Anonymous said...

I had a similar idea, but hadn't fleshed it out as nicely as you have. Since I fully expect the Republican Party to ensure that they remain the de facto party of the state, my idea was to get rid of the Democratic Party (or keep it around as a decoy) and move their members into a new party like the one you describe.

My piece de resistance? A flashy name and a cool symbol. Marketing is everything these days. My ideas so far:

"The Patriot Party"
If the last election has shown us anything it's that it is hard to argue with patriotism. I can see it now. "The Honorable Damned Medievalist --Massachusetts (P)"

"The Flag Party" (who doesn't like the flag? Symbol? Obvious.)

"The Victory Party" (although it does leave itself open to some ironic puns in defeat. I envision a "V" with starts and stripes on it for the symbol)

"The Independence Party" (simultaneously conjures up images of minutemen while making one feel like they're truly staking out their political independence when they join and finally leaving that tired, two-party crap behind)

-- Windhorse