Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Not an academic post

This is so not anything academic

So if you want to know about the Blogfest I'd like to have at the AHA,
click here!

Now, for those of you who are feeling girly today, can I just say, I broke down and the annual Sexy man edition of People. Damn. And again, Damn. There are some pretty boys out there. Slightly scarey that the oldest ones are all about my age, though. And I don't get the Jude Law thing at all. But Colin Firth made it.


mean regression said...

jude law? i'm with you, i don't get it either. eeeeeeeew!

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Noooooo! Jude Law is FINE. Amazingly hot. Drool-inducing. I could go on.... :-)

(He has played some creepy characters, but that just demonstrates his range. But oh, him in Cold Mountain....!!)

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I've never seen him in anything, but many of my colleagues agree. Me, I like Sean Bean, but he didn't make the list -- nor did the lovely Liam

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Sean Bean is pretty awesome too. Unfortunately he hasn't starred in like 15 movies this year. A friend of mine met him in a bar once and said he was EXTREMELY nice. :-)

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Wasn't he in Troy? and he's in the new Nicholas Cage movie, I think. And the really bad Henry VIII series on PBS -- I haven't got that far yet, part one was pretty dire.