Monday, May 09, 2005

Am I Insane?

Am I Insane?

OK, so it appears that one of my referres did not get back to AP job till the very end of last week (my others got back within hours). I hope that he sent a reference, rather than another copy of my recommendation ... Still, this might explain why AP has not got back to me.

But now I have another interview scheduled. Leaving Thursday. School has a good rep, in a really cool (but too expensive) location, and a broader range of courses to teach. Am I insane in just really hoping that AP gets hold of me, and makes me an offer in time to cancel the interview trip? I think I'd really like the job at new school, but I just want to be done (and employed, natch!)!

And yes, I do realize that I've been incredibly fortunate on getting interviews and I should be grateful and stop whining. But it's the job I want, not the interview!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya. I remember at too many conferences being with other job hunters who wanted to play interview poker (I'll see your three and raise you one...) -- as if the number of interviews could predict the number of job offers.

That said, congrats on getting another interview!


Gunnella said...

Congrats and the very best of luck :-D