Saturday, May 20, 2006

It is to laugh

It is to laugh

Not only am I a bit chuffed that Master G. Chaucer has added me to his blogroll, but he has reached serious blogcrush status. The Cipher of Leonardo! Take that, Dan Brown!

I do wish there were more GC shirts for women, though.


Geoffrey Chaucer said...

What maner of womenes shirtes wolde plese yow? Ich reckne that mooste, if nat alle, of the shirtes koud esily be worne by womene. Also, take note that ye kan chaunge the nature of the shirte -- so, exempli gratia, if ye wisshe to haue 'fully daswed' on a ladyes tee, ye kan simplie modifie the shirte as listede on the site.

Ich and my businesse partenere the wever Alisoun of Bathe aren alwey on the look-ovte for recommendaciouns concernynge shirtes.

My herte ys muche gladned to knowe that swich wise and gentil folke do rede of my litel poostes of bloggerie.

Le Vostre

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Master Chaucer,

Your posts give me great joy. And I'm please to know the shirts can be ordered in forms more flattering to a womanly figure. I hope to buy several to wear in the gym at my new uni, so that students may be edified.

But especially, the more demure ladies' tanks and t-shirts