Friday, August 04, 2006

History Carnival XXXVI

History Carnival XXXVI

Aaargh!!! I am just not good with dates when not teaching! History Carnival XXXVI is up at Clews and, despite a glitch in the submission mechanism, it's pretty darned good. Go and read something worthwhile!

But I'm thinking, having looked at the comment traffic there and elsewhere for the July and August carnival(esque)s, that we should perhaps behave like civilized people and take a hiatus in July and August?

August 15th's Carnival will be hoted by Caleb McDaniel at Mode for Celeb. You can submit suggestions to the form or gmail him at calebmcd.

Also, still looking for hosts for the next couple of issues of Carnivalesque Button. interested parties can e-mail me or Sharon Howard or just drop a comment here.


Gillian said...

If you're still stuck for Carnivalesque hosts I can maybe do it. Not till after Jewish New Year, though (no summer holidays make this a *very* busy time of year).

It's about time I had more history on my blog again.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

That would be excellent! How about November? Rosh Hashanah should be in October this year, and the next A/M carnival is in November ...

Gillian said...

Sounds good. I can do my civic duty and pretend to conscious virtue :). (though I actually think Rosh Hashanah is the twentysomethingth of September - it is doing one of those dances where you look and it isn't there)