Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Photomeme request #3

Photomeme request #3

Out of order, but Wegie's request was easier, since I'd just taken some kitty snaps ... Several pics below the cut!

Two kitties on the porch Posted by Picasa

Girlie on the porch Posted by Picasa

Soppy on the porch Posted by Picasa

Mr Soppy likes the pillows Posted by Picasa

The girl in the hall ... otherwise, she sleeps where you can't find her Posted by Picasa


Pilgrim/Heretic said...

Awesome porch! (and lovely kitties of course!)

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Thank you ... I think I might have posted another picture a while back. Having the plants makes me feel more settled ... although I'd better go water them!!

Wegie said...

Awwwwww. Absolutely gorgeous.

Are the plants stopping them from dancing on the balcony rail quite successfully? Or do you never allow them out without you?

Hmmmm. I spy a grocery van. My monster shopping order (including an organic chicken ;-) has arrived.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Soppy isn't a climbing cat. And the plants do seem to keep the Girl from trying, but that may also be a result of the one time she did, and found: 1)plastic railings are not cat-friendly; 2) The third storey is a ways up, and; 3) there is no better way to send me into a panic. Also, I don't let them out unless I'm with them, unless they are just in lying about mode -- and even then, I keep an eye on them.

Wegie said...

Ah. Much less climbing creatures than I'm used to. The Cloud cat had an unnerving habit when I first met him of lying out on the window ledge outside the bedroom window when the sun was warming up the sandstone of the back wall . . . pity about the sixty foot drop and the fact that sandstone of the ledge appeared to be rotting. As for plants in pots on the ground: litter trays with added shade and scratching posts!

Rebecca said...

I love your kitties!

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Me, too! they are my buds.

medieval woman said...

S'okay - I'm commenting on every post you have at this point - but I love the kitties! Are they part siamese? Do I see blue eyes?

Another Damned Medievalist said...

They are both Siames crosses -- one is definitely a Snowshoe, and I think the other is, too. It's nice -- they have all the robustness of regular ol' cats, but the coloring and personality of Siamese!