Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More drive-by Kazoo Blogging

More drive-by Kazoo Blogging -- RBOK version

Still writing a conference paper and getting together a proposal to send to Matt Gabriele tomorrow, but before I forget ... some conference highlights:

  • OMG People!! Mike Drout is like, totally famous in Taiwan! His fans squeed over him AND took pictures with him
  • I had my own (subtle, I hope) fan squee -- I met Bryan Ward-Perkins and was not a complete dolt, I don't think
  • I discovered that a senior medievalist from the other coast, who has always scared the heck out of me, and about whom I had heard rumours of unkindness, is not above gently teasing a nervous panel chair auf Deutsch
  • Cornell seems to have cornered the market on really good dancers
  • The people I had dinner with on Saturday night are awesome -- more on that later!
  • Notorious, PhD and I know we know each other from somewhere, but can't figure out where. OH! maybe MAA when it was in Seattle? Anyway, one of the people on the panel I chaired really likes the Girl Scholar's blog!

Right, back to the paper.


Kelly in Kansas said...

Cool stories!

Matthew Gabriele said...

The blogosphere (and internets more generally) will be happy to know that the proposal got to me and has been submitted... :-)

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Did I really blog that? I must be tireder than I thought. Thanks!