Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trying to gear up

Trying to Gear Up

Ok -- the school year and conference crap are over. I should be working on research, no? Except that I'm teaching a summer course so that I can afford my research trip, and I'm moving in 10 days. So this is not the post on gearing back up. This is the post that holds the place of that post. Meanwhile, I need to get to the gym and then to the office. And then go get more boxes. Eep.


Kelly in Kansas said...

Good luck!

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Gah. Summer teaching. If we do it where I'm at, it's based on a percentage of our base salary. So every year, it gets more worth it to do it. I'm holding out for another summer, though. Writing like a madwoman.

Joey7777 said...

Cool. But now that you've got more time, don't you think you're obliged to update your views on the Duke lacrosse rape hoax? (You haven't posted on it since March 2006!)Did you read Prof. Johnson's book? Did you at least send your congrats to Johnson as Luker suggested? Why do you think so many academics (only of certain subjects) were so quick to furiously assign guilt to those guys (especially in a town like Durham where very real minority crime is rampant?) What do you think of the actions of the 88? Surely somebody, ostensibly interested in history, has some views on the most significant story out of NC since the Wright flight.