Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Allen rehashes

Re-hashing Allen by Allen

Charlotte Allen re-hashes her weekly standard column and bashes at various interdisciplinary studies programs. It's pretty sad, really, in terms of writing (quoting the same passage twice in the same paragraph?) and in terms of her attacks. It's also pretty funny that she cites the sad case of Betsey Fox-Genovese, an academic who began as the type of Marxist feminist Allen derides, and ended up being anti-feminist and hugely conservative as she grew older. Allen's presentation of F-G as a victim of those "studies" people conveniently overlooks easily Google-able reports of a sex harassment lawsuit and other indications that she was not a powerless victim at Emory.

I suppose the up-side of all this is that Allen is coming off more and more like a sad crank.

HT to Matt Gabriele Larry Swain at Modern Medieval


Matthew Gabriele said...

Actually, Larry Swain at Modern Medieval. :-)

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I've been trying for a while, and I have yet to figure out who this Charlotte Allen person is. Is anyone actually paying attention to her?

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I think she's a crank, but clearly people listen to her, as she gets column inches. I'm starting to think she is to working medievalists as ... Michelle Malkin is to Michelle Obama.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Did some quick browsing, and she appears to be another neocon hack, whose particular target appears to be cultural studies and the "liberal univeristy." I'll file her in the "Horowitz" file, the ideological love child of Howard Bloom and Michelle Malkin.

Does she not understand that one can teach Western Civ in a revolutionary way?