Monday, February 23, 2009

Place-name bleg

Place-name Bleg

Could someone with access to Bach's Deutsche Namenkunde or sim. check for me and find out if there is (and what is) the better-known name of 'Rezi' in the following:
'villa qui dicitur Thininga sitam in pago Rezi super flumen Agira'

Thininga is modern Deiningen, Agira is the Eger.

But I'm stumbling over Rezi and don't have the resources here on campus.

Thanks in advance!


Clemens Radl said...

Nowadays this is "Nördlinger Ries", or "Donau Ries", or as it is called in the older MGH editions: "Riessgau" which is the exact translation of "pagus Rezi". Nördlingen is the major town in the area, approx. 5 km West of Deiningen.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Vielen Dank!

Matthew Gabriele said...

Also, Graesse's Orbis Latinus is online --

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Thanks, Matt. I don't know why I forget that. Actually, I do know. I forget for the same reason I forget I have Deutsche Ortsnamen in my Googlebooks library: they aren't real books. Books are things I can grab and leaf through. My brain doesn't seem to want to refer to non-tangibles for information. No wonder I have a problem with taking notes on computer.