Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shopping bleg

Shopping Bleg

So I'm getting a new macBook (the small one) in the next couple of months. This means I might really need a new computer bag. So if you're bored and want to do some virtual online shopping, give me suggestions!

I'm also looking for a pair of low-heeled black shoes to wear with skirts for teaching and such like.

I will blog about the conference I just went to as soon as I get caught up!


Michael said...

Go for at:- http://www2.fromjapan.co.jp/en/ I hope that is more helpful for you

Holly said...

SF Bags are fantastic.
A sleevecase with a flap, a strap, and a piggyback bag will carry everything you need and still fit into another bag, if necessary.

Dance said...

I use and really appreciate the Marware Sportfolio for my 15-in macbookpro.

Slim enough to act as a sleeve in my backpack as I walk to school every day, but fully enclosed and comes with a shoulder strap and a few pockets so that it can also hold the papers, books, and cords I need to tote to class (though not really ebig enough to be a main everyday bag, for me). Juggling things at airport security is much easier because I can hang the bag on my shoulder unzipped and remove the laptop at the last minute. The shoulder strap has this padded elastic part that sorta bounces on your shoulder and I think really reduces the load.