Thursday, May 28, 2009

On the lack of posting

On the Lack of Posting

I realize I haven't posted much of substance lately. Shoot, I haven't even commented much. There are reasons for this: Came home from the Zoo, graded, spent a week in training on critical subject #1; spent three days training in critical subject #2 (I know three ways of making podcasts now!); took last weekend off; spent two days this week on administrivia; spent today working on critical subject #1. Tomorrow, I have to do more on that and start on my Leeds paper.

So being busy is part of it. Also, I have a couple posts brewing, one on management style (I've realized mine has much in common with 'The Four Yorkshiremen'); and one on concepts of what it means to be an academic and to have academic freedom, especially in the context of assessment.

But honestly, I have to step back and gain a little objectivity for those.

In the meantime, I'm writing this on my iPod and it's a pain, so later, doors!!

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Kelly in Kansas said...

interesting . .. academic freedom and assessment . . . do tell