Friday, June 10, 2005

feeling productive -- ish

feeling productive -- ish

What I did today that allows me to blog:
  • wrote and gave a final exam
  • read more of book to be reviewed during final exam
  • dozed a little during final exam (not my fault -- it's all down to AXADH and his dating habits)
  • got another draft of the paper from ex-student and ripped it to shreds. She did not take some important comments to heart during our three-hour meeting the other day. Sent it back with words of encouragement.
  • wrote approx. 4000 words of a report on a grant-funded workshop I helped facilitate
  • made plans to have drinks with a famous blogfriend tomorrow
  • probably commented too much on other blogs.

But all in all, I think I get to blog. I'm going to be moving in with a colleague soon, while I wait to find out what's going on with my career, etc. On TUesday, I e-mailed both places where I'm waiting to hear back after interviewing. I'm calling their HR departments tomorrow. Then two more jobs to apply for. I had to put off two students I really like, although they're more groupies these days (something I don't get. AXADH calls them acolytes, but I reserve that term for the majors). They brought me flowers earlier this quarter, and wanted to visit today, but I had too much to do. I shall take my newer, thinner body to the gym tomorrow. Otherwise, no blogging and only three comments (what, you think I'm crazy?) till I get something else substantial done. I must -- mark finals, finish the report, and read more of the bloody book. I want to be able to focus on writing and packing this weekend.

Again, begging for the crossed fingers for good news soon. If, by some miracle, I get a job in the next couple of weeks, I can try to do this conference, which I really would kill for in virtual sense. Or, as my Dean said, "look! it's a conference where you can meet the five other people in the world who work on your subject!" And be frightfully intimidated, too. I have met one of the presenters, though. And hell, I suppose it would be nice to talk to people (or at least listen to people) who really are working on stuff I work (if you can call it that -- will once again work, more like) on. Otherwise, I'm just going to hope for one of the later jobs. I remind myself that I have work lined up, and one of my future bosses has been fantastic in trying to help, but I get the feeling that the institution is hugely politicized and the faculty polarized. Thank goodness there are two late ads, too.


Tiruncula said...

Cool conference! I hadn't heard about that one. It's rather outside my purview, I'd be interested to hear the paper on Kantorowicz. And St. Andrews is so lovely. I hope you get to go so you can tell us about it! Oh, and also of course because it's so cool to go someplace where everybody else cares about your own extremely obscure subject. I know, there are only about 4 other people in the world who do what I do and only 3 of them are fun to play with, and we do have a splendid time when we meet at some far-away conference. I've met only one of the people on that St. Andrews panel, and while he's deeply, deeply, deeply odd he can also be entertaining and even nice to junior people in a very un-UK way.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

All of the UK people I've met in my general area are very nice to us juniors. I think it may be the conferences I attend, but also maybe it's the obscurity of the field. If anyone out there is going to this, though, I'd live any reports I can get, since I probably won't get to go.

Ancarett said...

That does sound interesting as a conference so one more reason to keep my fingers crossed for you on the job front!

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