Sunday, December 18, 2005

Two questions

Two questions

Question the first: Are there already plans for a blogger meet-up at AHA? Same rules as last year, I'm thinking -- pseudonymous types who don't wish to be outed get their privacy respected. Rebecca suggested breakfast before the Cliopatria awards. That could work, although it means being much more organized about packing. Please e-mail or put comments below if you're interested.

Question the second: There's been some roundabout talk here and there for the past year or so on either having a medieval blog or a work group blog. I honestly don't have time for the former, unless it's also the latter, but I don't know that everybody wants their works-in-progress up to review. I also want this to be a group of people who know each other, but that can be expanded on the agreement of the group. So I'm sorry if it sounds like a private club, but I think it's the only way to protect the pseudo/anonymity of the members. Again, post below or e-mail and I will set it up and send details. It will be at a site that can be locked down from public viewing.


Ralph Luker said...

How about you, Rebecca, Manan, and Sharon deciding on the meetup? Breakfast is fine with me, but Cliopatria'll publicize whatever you all decide should be announced. We need a place and a time to meetup. If it's for a meal, personally, I'd prefer a place to eat that's outside the hotel.

New Kid on the Hallway said...

I'm still up for a work blog.

Rebecca said...

I'm up, as you know, for breakfast Saturday seems like a good time to do something, before panels and interviews and everything else get into full swing.