Thursday, July 17, 2008

All right, you men -- it's the snip for you lot

All right, you men -- it's the snip for you!

Seriously, because if HHS really is able to re-define a large number of perfectly sensible contraceptive devices as 'abortion', we're all fucked.

or not. Abstinence does work. But somehow, I'm not seeing that as an option for a lot of people.

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D. said...

My understanding is that people don't just stop having sex because someone in Congress tells them to.

These anti-contraception groups are using speculation disguised as fact. No, science can't prove that the pill never prevents implantation, but it can't prove that it ever does either.

As such those nurses and doctors and pharmacists who object to contraceptives because they believe that they're abortifacients need to be corrected, not coddled.