Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post-rational thinking?

Post-rational thinking?

The pundits at MSNBC keep talking about post-rational thinking ... what is that when it's at home?

UPDATE: Answer below in comments. FFS, people, that's one of the lamest damned things I've seen in ages. Rachel Maddow should be ashamed. Not only a neologism, but an incredibly stupid and useless one at that.


Nathaniel said...

Mark Ames discussed this in the Exile today, although it should be noted that it's written in their typically offensive/provocative style (here really it's just the one phrase, "lesbian topper", used once, that is homophobic/misogynistic, albeit it's how the subject of the piece is introduced):

Steve Muhlberger said...

Post-rational = stupid or self-destructive in context.

Maddow is supposed to be a rising star (and I've seen her actually talk sense about real subjects, which makes her an exception in the US media) but this is poor. Embarrassing.