Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Evil Proquest and Dissertations

Evil Proquest and Dissertations

It's not that I thought my dissertation was the best thing in the world. But I kinda thought that, considering how many people are now working on related topics, that someone might have looked at it. So I went to UMI -- the place where I had to send a copy of my diss when I finished it, the people who LOST my diss for a year, so that, when I tried to order a copy for my advisor, it wasn't frakkin' there! Today, I saw a post at Early Modern Notes about people looking at Sharon's diss, so I went to UMI to check on mine. It is now behind a huge ProQuest firewall. You can't even search for the bugger without a subscription to Proquest, it seems. WTF?????

Since SLAC doesn't have ProQuest, I can't find it. I'm so annoyed.


Wegie said...

You can avoid the "you are searching for dissertations from 2006 and 2007" wall (which I ran into a couple of weeks ago, much to my annoyance) if you click on the "connect to dissertation express" link and then tell the bloody thing that you want to pay offline . . . at that point you can actually search the database by author or thesis title.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Yay! found it!