Monday, January 29, 2007

Jane Dark

Attention Please!

I meant to mention this a while back, but one of you on my blogroll, a nice person I've had coffee with IRL and who lives in my old home town, has taken their blog into the realms of "invitation Only" and hasn't invited me, even though I have their cell phone number programmed into my cell phone!!!

*is sad*


Jane Dark said...

Darling ADM, no, I haven't gone invitation only! Well, I did, and then I found that it felt like talking into a vacuum. So I have just made Rome-Colored Glasses my primary home.

But I am sending you an invite to the Evensong Martini Club anyways. I may just declassify it at some point, even though I don't post there anymore.

Jane Dark said...

And I apologize for not inviting you earlier -- I thought I had, but a number of people's invites were not reaching them, and I also felt self-conscious about repeat invites, as though I was demanding readership or something.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Yay! I feel loved again!