Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Monday RBOC

Monday RBOC

  • Miriam Burstein is very funny
  • iTunes update: I explained the horror to X. He came up with a very elegant solution that basically solves everything with the help of the Postal Service.
  • I don't feel comfortable watching Laura Bush in a PSA about how to prepare for major disasters
  • I am really not feeling good about proposed changes to the British Library -- especially as I'm trying to plan my first trip there this summer
  • I wish Keith Olbermann were not quite so melodramatic, but I still kinda like him
  • I am also feeling not so thrilled about my decision to cut my cable, but I don't need the TV, and $55 or so a month is, well, a plane ticket to see someone special in fabulous European city. Or part of a conference -- which wouldn't necessarily preclude part of the former


Jane Dark said...

If it helps, your decision to cut cable is helping me resist GETTING cable in the first place. Even with BSG, and the fact that I find myself wanting to watch Olbermann, not to mention Jon Stewart.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I figure I can buy BSG on iTunes and not lose too much money. Also, it's on too late -- I'm really trying to get on an early-rising schedule so I can either get work done or get to the gym. Don't know about Heroes, but Studio 60 is also available on the web. I'll miss Bones and House, though. I just have to wait till Monday, because The Ruby in the Smoke is on Sunday night. Plus, there's so much on BBC7 to listen to ...