Sunday, April 29, 2007



The newest version of Carnivalesque will be appearing later today at Siris. It'll be an Early Modern version, and should be good, since Brandon always does a good job.

Then, on 24 May, Martin Rundkvist at Aardvarchaeology will be hosting an Ancient/Medieval Carnivalesque. You can send your submissions by email to arador AT algonet DOT se, or the submission form.

We're looking for hosts for the next few months, so please, e-mail me or Sharon Howard at Early Modern Notes if you're interested -- or leave a comment here or there!


Gillian Polack said...

I can host it on my food history blog. I'm reluctant to offer because I made a bit of a mess of it last time I hosted, but if you're willing to trust me, I'm willing to try again.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I totally trust you -- we schedule things months out, and sometimes life and illness get in the way. And we need several volunteers, so once we get a few, we can negotiate between schedules.