Saturday, April 07, 2007

Something to warm the cockles of a medievalist's heart

Something to warm the cockles of a medievalist's heart

This is so very cool. I can see myself using it in class someday. Damn. Really cool.
As seen on the intrawebs:


jb said...

Excellent! I also like the use of the Carmina Burana and the Gladiator music as the soundtrack.

Jane Dark said...

That's neat! I need to show it to my hypertext class as part of our discussion of electronic editions.

And the music is a little funny if you think about what they're doing with the specific pieces morphing in and out (from Holst's Mars to Shore's LotR), but I liked it all the same.

meg said...

Great stuff. It's a pity they left out the first half of the tapestry -- that would have been really helpful in my classes. And why have the comet if you're not going to explain what it's doing there?

Regarding Ye Olde Carmina Burana, well, isn't that more about sounding medievalish than being anything else? Kind of like the way that the famous footage from *Alexander Nevsky* gets used in later movies to show "ooh, medieval nights in battle!" Come to think of it, did I hear bits of Prokofiev's *AN* score here?

Michael said...

That is wonderful! I'll be showing it next semester!

Profane said...

Awesome job - and perfect timing - I know how Western Civ. is opening on Tuesday!

medieval woman said...

That was great! Thanks for sharing it!