Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Daunted? Yep. Beaten? No.

Phone interview for fill-in position went well, I think. Liked the people. Think I would like the school. Not daunted by the level of work, although I would miss the ability to really teach the sources at the freshman level -- that goes to the TAs. But I'd get to work closely with the TAs, and that would be a blast. But the sheer number of new preps is a bit frightening, time-wise. Moving, finishing abstract/starting paper (although having to talk about research is wonderful for refining what one wants to do in the future!), and getting two totally new preps, plus revising the survey prep to go along with books already ordered, and finishing teaching my online summer class all in the next month sounds a bit ... stressful. But if the alternative is adjuncting? I do not know.

Update: Phone interview today with the VP for Academic Affairs for local job!!!!!


timna said...

sounds like progress on the local front! hope you have choices in the next week!

Jonathan Dresner said...

Good vibes, as always. These interviews are, if nothing else, strong evidence that you are qualified for a range of serious positions. Now, if only your interviewers recognized subtle brilliance when they heard it....