Sunday, July 31, 2005

Happy Third Bloggiversary!

Happy Third Bloggiversary!

Doods! Can you believe it? This blog was born three years ago today. It's also my roommate,
Professor Kinsey's birthday. She just started blogging, so there isn't much up there yet. I've never actually celebrated the date before, but Ralph Luker at Cliopatria pointed out a while back that I've been blogging for some time, so I looked it up. Damn.

But those of you who are familiar with the 'spiel will know that Sundays are days I tend to try to play catch-up. I have much grading to do and a quiz to post. I'm feeling very full after a wonderful birthday brunch in a revolving restaurant, and am suffering the aftereffects of yesterday's really exciting allergic reaction to one of the most useful prescription drugs on the market. Not wanting to post a quiz (lots of cutting and pasting, because stupid McGraw-Hill sucks -- no test cartridge for Web CT. Last time I use their friggin' book. Of course, Web CT is no joy for me to work with, either. If your school is trying to avoid paying the costs of Blackboard (which at least works and is really intuitive), I suggest trying Angel out. Or try Web CT. Some people like it, I hear.

Update: D'oh. Yesterday was the day. I was unable to blog, as I spent all day with my adoptive (in the affectionate sense) nieces, two of whom were in summer camp plays -- Three plays in one day. Noon till 8:30. I am a good auntie.


Rebecca said...

Whoohoo! Happy birthday ADM! (BTW, we have almost the same blogoversary. Funny!)

Sharon said...

Happy anniversary! (And to Rebecca too!)

What Now? said...

Happy birthday!

bitchphd said...


(THREE years?!?)

Cheeky Prof said...

Hey, a big (although belated) happy blogiversary to you! I can't believe how many people started around this time of the year. Hope you have another great blogging year.