Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Need a Book

In Need of a Book

This may sound like an odd question, but does anyone reading this know if their library has a circulating copy of the Codex Laureshamensis? Oh -- that would be in the US or Canada, 'cos I need to do whatever I can to help our librarian get it for me on ILL. Yet another thing I should have xeroxed when I had the chance.


Derek the Ænglican said...

I don't have access to an academic computer system...but someone who does ought to be able--on an IP verified computer--to do a WorldCat search. That *should* tell you what libraries have it in their holdings.

Anonymous said...

I checked World Cat, if you are looking for Glöckner, Karl,; 1884-1962. Publication: Darmstadt, Verlag des Historischen Vereins für Hessen, Year: 1929-1936 Description: 3 v. illus. Language: German Series: Arbeiten der Historischen Kommission für den Volksstaat Hessen; Contents: 1. Bd. Einleitung regesten Chronik.--2.-3. Bd. Kopialbuch., there's a copy at the Newberry in Chicago.

If you're looking for Codex Laureshamensis / Author(s): Glöckner, Karl,; 1879- Publication: Darmstadt : Hessische Historische Kommission, Year: 1975, 1929 Description: 3 v. : ill., maps (3 in pocket) ; 25 cm. Language: Latin Contents: 1. Bd. Einleitung, Regesten, Chronik.--2. Bd. Kopialbuch. 1. T. Oberrhein-, Lobden-, Worms-, Nahe- und Speiergau.--3. Bd. Kopialbuch. 2. T. Die übrigen fränkischen und die schwäbischen Gaue. Güterlisten. Späte Schenkungen und Zinslisten. Gesamtregister., there's a copy at Loyola Chicago.

There were a few other hits -- you can e-mail me at jporter1 AT butler DOT edu if you need them

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Thanks! I may do that! I didn't realize there was a 1975 reprint, which I hope might mean that it's circulating. Rebecca found a few other copies, one of which is at my grad school institution, so I might be able to get xeroxes ...

OTOH, if I can't, maybe this is a good excuse to go visit my ex-in-laws in London (providing the BL has it -- which I'm sure it does ...)