Monday, August 15, 2005

Thanks to the blogfriends!

Thanks to all my blogfriends!

You guys have been great lately. Thanks to all my friends IRL who don't blog, and to all of my blogfriends (not that the groups are mutually exclusive) for bearing with me.

Now that the immediate crisis has passed (although there may be a different kind looming -- who knows? It's been that kind of year ;-)), I'll try to return to the usual blog topics of things medieval and/or academic. Right now, there are a couple of really interesting (to me, at least) discussions going on at Scribblingwoman's on blogging in the classroom, and at WhatNow on outcomes and assessment. Both of these are near and dear to my heart, so I may weigh in here, too. After I catch up on the grading that the last weekend put off ...


Colleen said...

Hello, Pilgrim/Heretic sent me.

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