Monday, February 06, 2006

Will it ever end??

Will it ever end??

OK -- this weekend I did a very small amount of marking, had friends over for dinner and games on Friday, watched the Stuporbowl at X's Stuporbowl party, and completed job applications 26-31 (except for copies of evals I need to make tomorrow). Thirty-one job applications. I am soooo tired. Please, let me get a job so I can go back to focusing on doing the important parts of my job well! (Not that I don't, but damn, it's hard when you're on the market)

First big interview this week, on the Cranky Professor's birthday. Then another big one next week. I hope by that time I'll know if I've got an interview for my present postion (TT version), but it might be another week after that. Saw another three or four jobs advertised this week, but I have to mark 75 exams by Wednesday -- Friday at the latest. Sometimes the students just have to come first ...


timna said...

I've gotten one done. One to do this week. One sometime in the next month.

I hate being a candidate.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

SO do I -- keeping my fingers crossed for you, too!