Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Carnivalesque at Rebecca's

Carnivalesque at Rebecca's

Well really, Carnivalesque Button is at Rebecca's. And I know it's all about Early Modern this time, but she put me in twice, so I can't complain! Go there. Read good things!

The next one will be ancient/medieval, hosted by Alun on about 9 October. There will be a special theme. Email inquiries/nominations to carnivalesque AT archaeoastronomy DOT co DOT uk.

This needs to be my last entry for a while. I have far too much work to do, like:
  • Syllabus for Ancient/Medieval Civ (by 16 Sept)
  • Syllabus for Early Modern Europe (by 16 Sept)
  • Syllabus for World War II, a class I have never taught and for which the text only arrived last week (by 16 Sept)
  • Kazoo paper abstract (which needs to be Really abstract at this point) (by 14 Sept)
  • more reading and writing for the kazoo paper which really needs to be written as an article and then hacked to pieces for the paper
    Update:Woohoo!! Started writing last night. It's probably all crap, but it's writing. OK, it's also only about 400 words. But after so long, anything is good. Should be able to write more tonight, but also just found an article in Revue Historique I need to look at. In French. My French bites. Yet I will not let Phlebas down!
  • Did I mention that I need to also put the syllabi on Blackboard? What do you want to bet I will not be posting assignments by week, but just link to the document?
  • find a place to live (end of Sept, but I can stay where I am longer if I fancy commuting 3 hours a day)
  • feed my katzes 2x a day
  • feed the Economist's cat at alternate location 2x a day
  • water the Geographer's plants at third location every other day
  • prepare actual lectures in hopes that that will remind me that I know how to write (19 Sept)
  • Prepare document discussions (19 Sept)
  • Review new edition of textbooks, because They Have Been Changed
  • Get started on this year's job applications (First one due 1 Oct)

Just shoot me now.


Rebecca said...

Instead of shooting you, I'll mix one of my patented and delicious gin tonics and drink it in your honor. Good luck ADM!

Miriam Jones said...

Okay, this list beats mine, hands down. It's the multitude of cats that did it.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

And they're all finicky! Mine have decided that I should not be allowed to read or write, unless it's in a prone position. We have been Having Words over this.

Rebecca -- a large one might be nice ;-)

Ancarett said...

Gah! Here's hoping that the Blackboard system doesn't give you anymore headaches!

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I like Blackboard -- it's juts the loading of stuff that i hate!