Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Memeage

Monday Memeage

Nicked from New Kid

Accent: Pretty much Left Coast, with lots of regional dialect and European usage influence. Apparently, it's mild enough that I don't have an American accent when speaking 'foreign'
Booze: Hell, yes. Depending on my mood, single malt, beer, or wine. On a bad day? I'll take some tequila with that beer, please. Nothing Blue, nothing blended.
Chore I Hate: hairball and other animal accident clean-up
Dog or Cat: Cats. I've got nothing against dogs, but just prefer the slightly less needy attitude of cats
Essential Electronics: Computer. Without a doubt.
Favorite Cologne(s): Amarige is what I usually wear, but Givenchy used to make something called Indecence which I really love.
Gold or Silver:no real preference, although I tend to wear more gold as I get older
Hometown: Divided between Beachy Town with movie stars and Pretty Big City that's home of some serious R&B and Funk stars and next door to Funky U-Town
Insomnia: More than I'd like, but not all that much
Job Title: Instructor; Assistant Professor in August
Kids: One 24-y-o step-daughter, still in almost daily contact
Living arrangements: Very cool rental house. Built 1917, three bedrooms and one of the world's smallest bathrooms. Needs some work, though that soggy place in the bathroom floor...
Most admirable trait: I honestly don't know. The best thing anyone ever said about me was that I had integrity. SOmeone else said I was really strong. said I was amazingly well-adjusted for someone who'd had my life. But honestly, I think I'm pretty average.
Number of sexual partners: Actual sex, as opposed to various kinds of fooling around? Not so many for someone who's spent most of her life single in the age of the Pill. But I'm single again, so I'm guessing the number may go up.
Overnight hospital stays: Two
Phobias: If phobias are irrational, none. Except maybe the 'sharks in swimming pools' thing. But stuff that makes my heart pound in a bad way? Crowds, taking off and landing in planes, small spaces, bridges and raised motorways (I've lived much of my life in earthquake country), public humiliation, high places, really big spiders, monkeys, parrots ... the usual
Quote: "Life is not a dress-rehearsal" or maybe, "I may be Love's Bitch, but I'm man enough to admit it"
Religion: None anymore, and aspects of many
Siblings: Sister, younger by almost exactly three years; Bella, younger by 12. There used to be a step-brother, but not anymore.
Time I wake up: As late as the cats will let me sleep! I try to be up by 5:30 most mornings, but generally hit the snooze button till about 6:15. Hence the not getting to the gym so much. 7:30 or 8 on the weekends.
Unusual talent or skill: I'm pretty good at learning languages and music. And I can imitate recipes without a cookbook. Not actually too talented, then.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Candied yams and lima (or any similar) beans.
Worst habit: Some people say I worry too much. I like less the fact that I have to think about not being a slob (untidy, NOT dirty). And we won't go into the procrastination thing
X-rays: Teeth, chest, spine, foot, evil mammograms
Yummy foods I make: baked salmon with a mustard-dill sauce, dal, chili, apple crisp
Zodiac sign: Scorpio in western, Water Tiger in Chinese. Water Tiger seems more accurate, but who knows?


Bardiac said...

LOL, at the "evil mammograms" bit! You're so right about those.

I bet they'd get a less painful technology right quick if men's testicles were being squished.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I am positive that they cause sagging.

Anonymous said...

ADM should eat her lima beans!

Another Damned Medievalist said...

No thanks! Although my grandfather always thought so. They were first grown commercially in the US in the town where my dad grew up!

Steve Muhlberger said...

I think an ability to imitate food without recipes is really a valuable talent