Friday, July 11, 2008

A suggestion to the British Library

A suggestion to the British Library

Dear BL,

In addition to all those other restrictions (with which I agree), perhaps it might also be a good thing to remind users that the heavy use of scents, perfumes, etc., can make working in the BL very uncomfortable for one's neighbors -- especially those for whom scents can trigger migraines.



PS -- maybe the whole world would like to think about this? I love perfume, myself. I try to make sure when I wear it that a person has to get really up close and personal to smell it, though.


flacius1551 said...

Testify, sister! With me it's being provoked to sneeze. I am in a library across the channel from you, and i can smell the aftershave of the guy sitting at the next table, which is five yards away from me, and my nose just cannot process it. He came over yesterday to ask me to take some allergy medicine because MY sneezing was disturbing HIM!


Another Damned Medievalist said...

I hope you told him you were set off by his aftershave!