Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Going to Leeds

Going to Leeds Bleg

Hello, Leeds Attendees --

I'm registering for Leeds -- just discovered that this has to be done by mail, wtf?

I'm checking boxes for accommodations -- where do I want to check? Do I want to share? HELP!!!

Any advice from people who have been (especially fairly regularly) would be appreciated.


Jeffrey Cohen said...

If you can afford it, a dorm with a private bath is preferable to one of the shared ones. But it is a dorm, in the end, and not a cheap one: no one goes to Leeds for plush digs!

Another Damned Medievalist said...

This is the tough call -- I better see what I can get approved before I book. And the damned form doesn't allow for ranked choices!


Anonymous said...

There are three levels, student rooms with shared bathrooms and showers (lockable, but communal), Bodington Halls; student flats with the same deal but between only four or five people (Bodington Flats), and then the expensive flats out at Oxley which are basically en-suite flats for families, and furthest bit of the campus for that reason, no easy zipping back to pick something up between sessions. There's some stuff at Weetwood too which is presumably nice and expensive but I don't know what standard it is. I always plump for cheap because I haven't not shared a bathroom, well, ever, and haven't acquired the standards that would imply...